Why Choose Cortex?

Cortex is easy to manage, simple to use and affordable. It is the Ideal tool for organisations operating in the social field.

Cloud Technology

Create, manage and search your client /service users’ records within one secure location, safe in the knowledge that your data is being backed up in real-time on the Cloud.

Record Design

Design and customise your record keeping, such as journal entries, goal setting and reviewing, care plans, therapy records and recordings of daily living activities.


Evaluate your services and monitor your own performance and that of your workers, carers and therapists. It provides you with instant statistical graphs in real time.


Set and manage your group care or therapy sessions. This includes setting the dates, times, venues and facilitators.

Storage Solutions

Record, organise and safely store all your workers’, carers’ and therapists’ care documentation. It also helps you store and organise all your service users’ documentation.

Attendance Records

Organise and manage your group session attendance records.

If you are running a care and therapy organisation, a care home, a voluntary support organisation or if you are a self-employed practitioner, then Cortex is the ideal tool for you!

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